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Arteriograph Pulswellenanalyse
Siegel Gold-Standard Arteriograph
Arteriograph Pulswellenanalyse
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Non invasive Pulse Wave Velocity

  • Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWVao) PUB

  • Central Aortal Blood Pressure (SBPao) ➙ PUB

  • Augmentationsindex (AIXao) ➙ PUB

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Medical and Efficient ➙ PUB

  • Improved Patient-care

  • Detection of subclinical atherosclerosis

  • Improved decision basis for therapy

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Accurate and reproducible ➙ PUB  

  • Clinically and invasively validated ➙ PUB

  • Over 150 studies in each subject area ➙ PUB


Arteriograph: using pulse wave analysis in the COVID-19 pandemic

Read the interview with Professor Dr Martin Middeke: Specialist for internal medicine with 30 years of experience in hypertension research and head of the Hypertension Centre Munich.

The non-invasive methods for measuring pulse wave velocity (PWVao), aortic central blood pressure (SBPao) and augmentation (AIXao) of central systolic blood pressure provide a novel basis for improved cardiovascular risk stratification, differential therapeutic considerations and improved patient care. Numerous studies show that pulse wave velocity as a biomarker of arterial vascular stiffness is a strong independent predictor of morbidity and mortality.
The innovative non-invasive measuring system Arteriograph (Tensiomed Ltd., Budapest, Hungary) can determine these parameters and, using a special pulse wave analysis, make individual statements about the vessel properties (function, arterial age).

Suprasystolische Druckkurve Augmentation


Patient Data

  • Display of name and date of birth


All measurements

  • Listing of past measurements

  • Selection of the current measurement


All measurements

  • Overview of all measured brachial and central parameters


Suprasystolic pressure curve

  • Suprasystolic pressure curve transmitted in real time over 8 seconds ➙ PUB


Selection of a central pressure curve

  • Clear distinction between antegrade (P1) and reflected wave (P2) and clear augmentation ➙ PUB

Prof. Dr. med. Miklos Illyes